What Clients Say

I have been lucky enough to attend several KBDB3 functions. Their events and people are focused on finding ways to encourage you to think about the world around you and how you fit in. They use talks, music, film, and discussions to help you gain a broader understanding of social issues and recognize ways to impact change in yourself and others. Most importantly; their positivity, fun and relaxed atmosphere give you inspiration and motivation to carry on the discussions with others and to act on doing and being better!
Ryan Jones Durham, NC
It has been my absolute pleasure to attend the KBDB3 event! It was not only extremely moving, entertaining and plain old fun, it was quite informative! I learned so much and I am excited about the work this group has planned for our community!! There is a HUGE gap regarding mental wellness and I’m so proud that KBDB3 has taken that helm to move us all forward!! Great work guys!!
Regina Sanders Moore Holly Springs, NC
I’m so proud of this group of individuals, KBDB3! The events have been awesome and the wealth of information provided for the community is needed for all ages. If you don’t know better you can’t do better!
Raquel McNeil Dunn, NC