Douglas K. Griffin

Douglas K. Griffin

Chief Information and Communications Officer

Born in Sioux City, Iowa and raised in Washington, D.C., Douglas K. Griffin, one of the Co-founders of KBDB3, LLC (Know Better, Do Better, Be Better), has spent much of his adult life working to improve public health outcomes. Most of his Public Health experience during the past thirty years has been as a Public Health Advisor, Administrator and Consultant providing guidance and direction to federal, state, local community and private/public health agencies in the design and implementation of federally funded disease prevention, patient care, health promotion, public information and public health preparedness and response programs.

While living in Miami, Florida, Douglas worked as an Elementary School Special Needs Instructor, a Radio Producer, Television News, and Sports Photographer and Editor, Freelance Health Columnist, an ARISTA Records Marketing Representative, and a Restaurant/Food Service Inspector. In his capacity as an Operations and Management Consultant for the Miami-Dade County Health Department, he developed the county’s first-ever, and highly successful, Tuberculosis Directly Observed Therapy Program. He also established and directed the day-to-day activities of the Health Department’s Employee and Labor Relations Program.

During his time at the Commission of Public Health in Washington, D.C., Douglas served as Public Health Advisor and Contract and Grants Specialist for the Department of Human Services, Agency for HIV/AIDS, and for a time was appointed the Acting Chief for the Division of AIDS Education for the District of Columbia. Douglas also provided consultancy services to Westover Consultants, Inc., Tresp Associates (Arlington, Virginia), Olgivey and Mather-America Respond to AIDS Campaign, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Macro International-HIV & AOD Treatment Improvement Protocols (among others).

In early 2003, Douglas moved to Raleigh, North Carolina to take the position of the State’s Public Health Program Administrator for Bioterrorism Public Health Preparedness and Response (PHP&R). In this capacity, he was responsible for the day-to-day administrative, programmatic and budgetary functions of the PHP&R Branch. This included managing and monitoring the distribution of more than $20 million to build infrastructure and capability among the State’s 100 counties, 86 local health departments and 7 Public Health Regional Surveillance Teams (PHRST); and, creating reporting mechanisms to assure fiscal and programmatic responsibility and accountability. As a result of his leadership, North Carolina received the #1 Ranking from Trust for America’s Health, in their December 2004 report “Ready or Not 2004, Protecting the Public’s Health in the Age of Bioterrorism”. He also co-authored the RFP “Triple Play”, North Carolina’s first fully functional field exercise to test the State’s Bioterrorism Response Plan, Strategic National Stockpile Plan and Isolation and Quarantine practices – selected by the RAND Corporation as a showcase example on its website.

More recently Douglas served as the Special Projects, Community Initiatives Coordinator for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health. In this capacity, his focus was to identify, create, develop, support and/or enhance programming that resulted in positive health outcomes for the general citizenry of North Carolina and select communities of interest. Having a desire to exercise and utilize maximum creativity, ideas and strategies to enhance the lives of others is what led Douglas and some of his colleagues to create KBDB3-Creative Enlightenment and Strategies for Community and Public Health Solutions.