Thicker Than Blood: College Tour and Community Screenings

Thicker Than Blood tells the story of Jordan, the youngest of two sons, who returns home for the first time in three years to celebrate his older brother’s promotion to partner in his law firm. During what’s supposed to be a joyous afternoon of family, friends, and food, secrets are revealed, masks are uncovered, and some things are said that can’t be taken back. A once tight-knit family is left broken and faced with the task of trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces and put them back together before losing each other forever. The goals of this film are to dispel myths and increase knowledge and awareness about HIV, homosexuality, and the stigma surrounding these issues; and to encourage discussion that addresses the social, cultural and structural barriers faced by HIV+ and LGBTQ community members, as well as people unaware of their HIV status. Highlighting the stigma and challenges of living with HIV, as well as the often-hidden intolerance of LGBTQ-members in the Black/African-American community, Thicker Than Blood raises thought in the mind and strikes an emotional chord in the heart. Community screenings are conducted by request for organizations, community groups, or agencies who have an interest in discussing issues relevant to HIV. A national college tour is being planned to screen the film among college students and faculty to educate and encourage conversation around sexual health issues, stigma, discrimination, and acceptance.


Over 2019, our film Thicker Than Blood was able to reach people in an impactful way nationally, including:

  • Being selected in February by the Pan African Film Festival for inclusion in its 27th Annual Arts Film Festival in Los Angeles, California
  • In June, it was the Feature Film at the African Diaspora International Film Festival in Chicago, where it was also commended in the Chicago-based paper, Windy City Times
  • It received the “Best Narrative Award” in July from the organizers and film-goers of the Newark International Film Festival in New Jersey
  • During August, we sold out both nights at the screening of the film at the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
  • During November and December, the film was selected for international film festival screenings in MA and NY. It also received an award for “Best Director” at the Arlington International Film Festival in Boston, MA
  • It closed out our 2019 events through a collaboration with the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity in North Carolina to be shown in recognition of World AIDS Day

Thicker Than Blood 2: Production and Filming

Production of Thicker Than Blood 2 is underway and slated for late 2020. Resources are currently being acquired to support production. Stay tuned for more information and updates.

It’s the Little Things: Sip a Little, Talk a Little, Paint a Little

“Wine and Design” and “Sip and Paints” have taken over Girls Night Outs. KBDB3 has taken this concept of “everyone is an artist” to the next level. By creating art while discussing their wants and needs, women can elevate as individuals and as a whole. When women can discuss the issues they face in a fun environment it will aid in informing how KBDB3 can continue to meet the needs of women in our community. Bring some friends, enjoy a sip or two of wine and we will supply the paint and topic of conversation. Come ready to sip, talk, and paint a little. A calendar of each painting will be available in the upcoming months.

C3: Cinema, Cognac & Conversation: A Time for Men

Do men share their thoughts and feelings in a group? Of course, they do! They talk amongst their friends and families, while at the barbershop or while watching the game. We want to offer another space for men to come together, have great conversation, and if they so desire partake in cognac or maybe a cigar. How powerful will it be for the men in our community to come together and discuss what is important to them? Tell your father, brother, best friend, husband, or any other man in your life to sign up for real conversations about what is affecting men of color on a daily basis. Check our calendar and come join us.

Priority Focus Groups: Education, Faith-Based, Youth/Adolescents

These priority focus groups will help us learn helpful information from YOU. We will bring 15 – 20 people in a room together to provide feedback on what needs to be done for “us” to focus our efforts and build programs, campaigns, messages, and events that will help community members to Know Better, Do Better, and Be Better. A trained moderator will lead the interesting and dynamic 60-90 minute casual discussion. Food and incentives will be provided for session participants. Groups will include but will not be limited to adolescents, college students, new moms, parents, educators, faith leaders, women, men, senior citizens, Greek organization members, and entrepreneurs. Check our calendar for dates for a group that fits you!

NC PLAY2: Promoting a Lifestyle of Activity for You & Yours

Childhood obesity is a serious problem in the United States, and research shows that often obese children become obese adults. We want to take a family-oriented approach to support the overall health of our community by incorporating learning through fun activities and challenges. Promoting a Lifestyle of Activity for You & Yours (NC PLAY2) focuses on increasing awareness, teaching the values of physical activity and nutrition, and implementing actionable behaviors among children and adults to develop long-term healthy skills. NC PLAY2 offers an educational and action-based multi-component intervention with information sessions and activities that range from intense experiential learning to reflective and process-driven techniques, appropriately designed for intergenerational learners. We understand that continued positive, productive, and culturally appropriate family involvement is essential to ensure lifelong change to support holistic health.

A Better Me

A Better Me is an intervention that has a holistic approach to the overall health, well-being, personal growth, and development of the HIV positive individual. It provides information, education, and behavior modification to effectively manage and overcome the internal and external, institutional, and systemic social determinants of health that negatively impact the daily lives of individuals living with HIV, including stigma, discrimination, and racism. It uses individual level, group level, and community level practices within the intervention. Sessions will provide culturally relevant and appropriate information, education, and outreach to racial/ethnic individuals who are newly diagnosed or previously diagnosed with HIV. Participants will learn strategies to become active partners with their communities, community leaders, and resources. Group members will offer support, learn from one another’s shared experiences, and foster one another’s growth and development to help break down barriers.

Sickle Cell Anemia Advocation and Awareness Program

The Sickle Cell Advocation and Awareness Program provides advocacy training, education, and awareness to those affected by Sickle Cell Disease and their families, as well as community members. This program is designed to ensure that individuals living with sickle cell disease receive culturally appropriate and responsive treatment, along with relevant information on standardized comprehensive healthcare services. Additionally, referral services to other social support resources are provided. Similar training for healthcare providers and their staff is also available.

Creating Democracy

Much like other forms of advocacy or leadership development, KBDB3 sees Creating Democracy as a way to strengthen and give voice to communities. This non-partisan project focuses on grass-root community-level issues that will drive support and promote a wide range of voter engagement and voter education at the neighborhood or community level. Neighborhood Coordinators and Super Voters will engage community members to determine local concerns that will drive candidate support in local elections. These local elections outcomes will serve as a catalyst for larger general elections at the State and Federal level.

Disrupting Racism and Enhancing Cultural Responsiveness

KBDB3 and Gold Mind Instructional Services have partnered to offer a 2.5-day training course on Disrupting Racism and Enhancing Cultural Responsiveness. This training and curriculum have been designed to help participants examine culture, diversity, racism, and disparities. The activities and discussions challenge the participants’ biases and prejudices in order to best understand how those biases can impact their interaction with others. The training curriculum also focuses on understanding race and racism in America and demonstrates how current policies, power dynamics, institutions, and systems continue to perpetuate disparities.

Let’s Talk: Coming of Age and Everything in Between

Sex is a taboo conversation in many households within our communities. Now add talking about sex with teenagers, and it is a “no go.” We know that rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STD/STI) are high, particularly with our black and brown youth. We believe it is important to offer medically accurate information to young people about delaying sexual debut and preventing substance abuse, STDs/STIs, and unplanned pregnancy. By helping youth identify positive personal and family values and how to make decisions that are congruent with a healthy and productive future KBDB3 hopes to assist in normalizing conversation and decreasing the high rates of teen pregnancy and STD/STI.